Concrete Services

Concrete / Cement Services

We understand that creating your perfect landscape is not easy, and when you need a little help achieving your dreams, Four & Son’s Landscape Services will be there for you!

If you are looking to repair some existing cement, or lay down new pathways throughout your patio, or create a new structure with a cement foundation, we can help get the job done right!

Some of The Cement Services We Offer Include:

  • Paving Driveways, Sidewalks, Ramps, and Patios
  • Coloring Cement
  • Tile Laying
  • Decorative Cement Projects
  • Repairing Cracked or Destroyed Surfaces
  • Building Cement Foundations
  • And Much More

Brighten the Pavement: Transformative Cement Coloring

One of our popular cement services is cement coloring. This is the process of dying cement different colors to brighten your pathway. It’s an easy way to transform your driveway or landscape without expensive remodeling.

Two common cement coloring options include:

  • Mixed Coloring: Mixed coloring involved mixing liquid or powder pigments into fresh concrete. This option is permanent, so you want to make sure to test samples of the color before applying it to all of the cement.
  • Surface Coloring: Surface coloring is for concrete that set but “wet.” As cement cures, the pigment powder is sprinkled across. After the color sets, a sealant is applied. Surface color can be removed with a lot of patience and muriatic / hydrochloric acid.

Four & Son’s Cement Services

Cement truly can stand the test of time and can be the gateway to an extravagant centerpiece to any landscape, or the beginning of an elegant walkway. When it comes to your next landscape improvement project, Four & Son’s Landscape Services workmanship stands for its self.

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